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We ask that you please utilize rideshare services or carpooling if you can as this event has exploded with registrations in the last two weeks (much more than we expected for this venue).  There is limited street parking in the area and by using a car service, you will avoid delays or parking issues. We are already working with the city to find an expanded venue to better accommodate our growing event next year! Thank you for understanding!


You ARE allowed to bring a disposable bottle of water or Camelbak with you. We ask that you please bring water with you on the course. Many runners will wear a Camelbak or similar, and we highly encourage it! We will have water available on the course, but bringing a bottle of water or two will help you stay as hydrated as possible.


There is a serious heat advisory for Saturday. The key to feeling great on race day is to start hydrating the day and evening before. Really. Starting Friday morning, treat your body well and get in the zone. We challenge you to drink at least 5 bottles of water in the afternoon on Friday, YES, FIVE. Continue drinking hydrating as much as you can until a couple of hours before you run. The result will be a better feeling body when you’re on the course!


Listen to your body. If you don’t feel like running in tomorrow’s extreme temperatures, you can transfer defer your registration to the next Pride Run for free. You must defer by 8am on 6/24.

Click here to defer.
Click here for deferral how-to.

2023 Pride Run Sponsors

Timing Results

Results will be available here on event day.

Event Day

The Pride Run Houston

Saturday, June 24th, 2023
Houston, Texas
5k / 10k / 5k Walk

Hosted by: One Love One Finish // Fathom 

Weather Check

Preview the Forecast Here

Event Schedule

5:30am – Volunteer Meeting
6:23am – Sunrise
6:30am – Check-In Begins
7:30am – Line-up Begins
7:40am – Warm Up with Orange Theory
7:50am – Rainbow Color Throw
8:00am – 10k Begins, 5k Begins
8:30am – Pride Run AfterParty Begins
10:30am – See ya Next Year! – June 2024

Packet Pickup

To make it easy on ya, there will be no physical packet pickup for this event. You’ll get everything on event day 🙂


You will receive your timer-chipped Bib and Unicorn Dust Pouch when you check-in. You’ll receive Finisher’s Medal, and Official T-Shirt when you cross the Finish Line.


This year we are introducing a series of collectible finisher’s medals. You can buy a hanging medal display, and as you collect them, your medals will align to show a rainbow effect with the different colors! 🙂 

What to Wear

Be Colorful! We suggest wearing white or a bright color if you plan to participate in the Rainbow Color Throw!

As a Pride Run Participant, you can wear whatever you want, as long as you’re appropriately covered and your clothing is not dangerous to you or other guests. We suggest some awesome socks, team shirts, or a costume if you’re really feeling wild. You must wear shoes at all times.

There will NOT be lockers or a bag drop at this event. You may bring a small drawstring bag if you want to keep any items with you. Backpacks or duffel bags are NOT allowed.

All bags are subject to search by Police to ensure a safe environment for everyone.

Rainbow Throw Info

To make The Pride Run even more exciting and colorful, we’ve decided to include a dazzling color throw before the run starts!  We suggest wearing white or a bright color if you’d like to look the most tye-dyed when the color wave happens!  You’ll get your Pride Run shirt at the finish line.

Please note the Unicorn dust can stain clothes and car seats. Wear a shirt that isn’t important to you. Bring a change of clothes or towel before you sit in your car. Typical machine washing, with stain remover, removes the stains.  Removal of excess powder is recommended before applying any water.

For those who wish to stay away from the Unicorn Color Dust, just stand back until it’s over 😉

About Unicorn Dust

Please be extra cautious when getting in your car after the event. We are not responsible for stains due to color contacting your personal property, including your brilliantly white car seats.

Can I opt to not participate in the Rainbow Throw? Yes, we recommend standing a ways back from the starting line to avoid getting excess color on you- although we can’t guarantee you won’t get a little bit on you.

Is Rainbow Dust environmentally friendly?  Yes, it is environmentally friendly.  No ecological hazards are associated with Rainbow Dust. It can be easily washed or blown from event areas.

Are Safety Data Sheets (SDS) available for the Rainbow Dust? Yes.  Electronic versions are available for download or can be emailed upon request.   An SDS is attached here.

What are the Rainbow Dust ingredients? Corn Starch Food Grade, Calcium Carbonate Food Grade, Sodium Bicarbonate Food Grade TFF, and one or more of the following colorants; FD&C Blue #1 Lake, FD&C Blue #2, FD&C Red #40 Lake, D&C Red #7 Calcium Lake, FD&C Yellow #5 Lake, FD&C Yellow #6, Iron Oxide and Ultra Marine Blue.

Event Day Tickets

Limited tickets will be available on event day *possibly without a shirt/medal pending availability*. All participants who did not complete online registration and wish to participate, must print and bring a waiver. On-Site Registration will be available at the Solutions Desk.

Directions + Parking


We ask that participants please utilize rideshare services or carpooling if possible to make your experience easier. Please note that there is limited street parking in the area, and by using a car service, you will avoid parking delays and frustration. We are already working with the city to find a more suitable and interesting course that can better accommodate our growing event next year! Thank you for your understanding.

The street closures might limit your approach options when driving to the event! We recommend navigating to Hwy 59 and Lyons Ave, then going west on Lyons to the event. When navigating to the event, be mindful that a long stretch of road will be closed for the course. You will want to approach and find parking on the North East side, otherwise, you might be delayed making a loop to find a way in.

Hennessy Park
1900 Lyons Ave, Houston, TX 77020


Parking Notice:

Pride Run participants can park on any legal surface parking in the area that does not interfere with The Pride Run course or staging areas.
DO NOT leave valuables in your car.
DO NOT park in tow-away zones.

Course Map

Stuff to Bring


•  Your valid photo ID for check-in.
•  A bottle of water or Camelbak.
•  A towel for your car-ride home.
   (in case you get colorized)
– Dress Bright & Cheerful!
– Appropriate Costumes are kewl.


Volunteers should refer to Mission Control for complete information about volunteering.

Leave at Home

•  Valuables and Jewelry should stay at home.
•  Outside glass bottles are not allowed.
•  Weapons and/or firearms are not allowed.
•  Bicycles, skates, and skateboards are not allowed.

No Valuables

Because you will be parking in an area that has no access control, please DO NOT leave any valuables or items in your car, especially in plain sight. Leave your change of clothes in the trunk of your car as to not entice shady characters.

Team Up!

Rally Your Pals

Bring your friends and team up! May we suggest awesome costumes or matching shirts?! You can create and name your team here, then invite friends to join you!

Last Minute Entry

If registration is open, you might be able to snag a last-minute entry while supplies last. Click here to register.

Event Day Tickets

Late Registration will be available on event day, but potentially without swag items like a t-shirt. Just visit the Solutions Desk to register on-site.

Run for a Charity

Making a Difference

The Pride Run believes in giving athletes a fun way to make their race extra special. In addition to providing you with an excellent racing experience, we are excited to support some incredible causes. Thank you for your donations during registration.

Volunteer Info.

Volunteer Guide

Volunteers: A Pride Run Race Director will be in touch with you soon to share details with you. Volunteers will receive access to a special Volunteer Information Guide. 

Volunteer at TPR!

Calling all volunteers! Producing The Pride Run™ takes a tremendous amount of planning, but it would still be impossible to have a successful event without the help of awesome volunteers.

Volunteer Perks:
•  An unforgettable experience & new friends
•  Official The Pride Run™ T-shirt
•  A letter validating your volunteer hours

Volunteers have a great opportunity to have an awesome time, meet new people, and get in on all of the fun! You can help us by recruiting your friends to volunteer for this event- so grab a friend or two and have them sign up to help!

Official Event Jams

Important Information

Registration Center

Safety & Emergencies

Everyone who will be on event grounds, regardless of involvement, should review all safety and emergency protocols.

Medical Emergencies

At each event, we have medical staff on standby for emergency situations.  It is important that you are aware of your location so that you can relay that information to medical our medical team.

For life-threatening situations, assist as you deem necessary while having someone else request medical support. If you are unable to get a response from medical staff, please call 911.


In the event of dangerous weather, including lighting, please follow event staff instructions and seek shelter immediately. Updates will be communicated through the @fathompro Twitter account.


Please be vigilant. If you notice any suspicious activity or potential threats, please contact an event director or police officer immediately. For life-threatening situations, please exit the event area immediately, call 911, and find safety.


All emergency updates or information associated with The Pride Run will be communicated through the Official @fathompro Twitter account.

Event Policies

Event Rules & Policies

View Complete Policies Here

Fathom Athletic Events
By participating in an event, Participants agree that they are the minimum required age. Participants understand that athletic events are potentially dangerous in nature and accept all inherent risks associated with the event. Participants should bypass any portion or request assistance when they feel like they are in a situation that could compromise their safety. Urinating or defecating on or near the course is strictly prohibited.

Enforcement & Removal
Fathom Producers Crew and Staff and/or medical personnel reserves the right to remove any participant, spectator, or volunteer from the event for any reason. Fathom Producers medical personnel reserves the right to examine any guest/patron who appears to be injured.

Refund Policy

View Complete Policies Here

At most Fathom Producer’s events, Registrants (including spectators and donors) are not eligible to receive a refund for any reason, under any circumstance including, but not limited to: injury, scheduling conflict, event delay, event rescheduling or date changes, event modification or event cancellation. The additional online transactional (checkout convenience) fees, donations, spectator tickets, merchandise purchases, applicable taxes, or any other costs incurred in connection to the event are non-refundable under any circumstances.

Due to the nature of producing single-day events , we are unable to offer refunds for event scheduling changes, postponement, or cancellation due to logistical difficulties or inclement weather. In these instances, guests have several options for consideration, including transferring* a registration to another event, donating a registration to a Wounded Warrior, or transferring a registration to a friend*. *Transfer Deadlines Apply. Policy Updated 11/01/2012

Photography Policy

View Complete Policies Here

By entering the Fathom event site, Participants, Spectators, and Volunteers or any other persons at the event, agree and allow Fathom Producers to use and/or license others to use my name, photographs, motion pictures, recordings, and/or likenesses of the participant of the event, edited or in the original state of capture, for promotions, future productions, and advertising in events that may not depict the actual event that you attended.

Event Waiver


Since you signed your waiver at the time of registration, we no-longer require that you present a printed waiver on event day. 


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